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Giuliana Gemelli (a cura di)
Religions and Philanthropy
Global Issues in Historical Perspective

© 2007 - Pag. 361
Euro 23,00 -
ISBN 978 88 8000 508 7



Giuliana Gemelli
Religious Traditions and their Evolutionary Relations with Philanthropy

First Part : Vision and Roles of Religions in Philanthropy

Valerio Marchetti,
The Fundamental Principles of Jewish Philanthropy

Brij Maharaj
Religion, Philanthropy and Giving in South Africa: A Preliminary Analysis

Giovanni Ceccarelli
Charity, Profit, and Common Good in the Christian Economic Tradition

Soma Hewa
Culture and Modernity: American Philanthropy and its Ethical Roots

Gioia Perugia Sztulman
Philanthropy and Jewish Solidarity in Italy: Benevolent Societies in the Ghetto Period on the Basis of Ceremonial Objects and Visual Sources

Second Part: Multicultural Issues and Institutional Hybridization. Philanthropic Traditions and Practices in the Mediterranean Area

Suraiya Faroqhi
Pious Foundations in the Business World of Eighteenth Century Ottoman Towns and Cities

Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli
The Invention of Solidaristic Credit

Netice Yıldız
The Wakf System in Cyprus as Philanthropic and Religious Institution. A Special Case on Housing the Poor: The Complex of Saman Bahçe Houses in Nicosia (Cyprus)

Brigitte Piquard
Islamic Humanitarianism: Past and Present Perceptions of Da'wah, Jihâd and Relief

Benjamin Gidron, Yael Elon, Deby Babis
Jewish Ultra - Orthodox (Haredi) NPOs in Israel: Protecting and Crossing Community Borders

Daniela Modonesi

Minority Communities in Civil Society

Bartolomeo Pietromarchi
Egnatia. A Path of Displaced Memories

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